Quality is one of the highest requirements for Lebende Legend Tattoo and all the tattoo artists working in our rooms. For this reason, we make sure that only the best materials are used.

The exact price of a tattoo depends on the size of the respective motif and the associated effort. Since this price can sometimes be impossible to be defined in advance, a price range is set in an individual and non-binding consultation.

To ensure the highest possible quality of the materials used, the minimum price for a tattoo is 150.- Francs.

The following are included in the price:

  • Consultation and, depending on the motif, creation of the sketch by photomontage or drawing
  • Guarantee of the strictest hygiene regulations
  • Use of materials of the highest quality standard
  • Use of biological dyes
  • If necessary, a free touch-up up to a year after your first appointment*

Consultations and administration fee

For the scheduling of the date for tattooing and/or for discussing the sketch created, a consulting and lump sum fee of CHF 100 is charged, which is to be paid directly before the appointment. This amount will be credited to the final price of the tattoo. If you are late to the appointment, you have no right to a refund of the consultation or administration fee.

Scheduled appointments can be canceled no later than 5 days in advance. For cancellations made at short notice, 50% of the agreed consultation and administration fee will be charged.

Sketches etc. created by the tattoo artist remain the intellectual property of the Lebende Legend Tattoo Studio Bern and are not allowed to be shared with third parties without written permission. The customer is not entitled to the publication of the sketches made.

Please note that Lebende Legend Tattoo Studio Bern only accepts cash.

Important: Minor customers who want to be tattooed need a written authorization from their parents. This must be printed out and handed in with the signature of the parents in the studio.

Here, you can download a Tattoo Proxy Statement. Please also provide the phone number on which Lebende Legend can reach your parents. After submitting the filled form, nothing stands in the way of your first appointment with Lebende Legend.