Maori Polynesian

Skin jewelry with meaning

The natives of New Zealand, the Maori, have their own culture which they still cultivate today. And although the people have adapted in many areas of modernity, they stick to ancient traditions. If you ever visit New Zealand and take part in a Native American festival, you will immediately notice the many dances – and of course the skin decoration: the Maori tattoo. It belongs to the group of Polynesian tattoo and resembles the patterns there. However, many signs and symbols have their own meaning, which applies only to the Maori of New Zealand but not to the natives of Hawaii. In our tattoo studio you now have the opportunity to make your own Maori tattoo.

Which Maori should it be?

Every Maori tattoo has its own meaning. Within the extravagant and very complex patterns there are hidden individual symbols that appeal to the culture and beliefs of the indigenous people. For example, the Koru, a rising fern leaf, symbolizes new beginnings. You can get this Maori tattoo when you make a new path in your life – or the birth of your child. The importance of the Maori tattoo also includes peace and growth. Manaia is the spiritual one. It is considered a messenger of the intermediate world and connects the earthly with the mortal world. The shape of the tattoo is a holder and can be combined perfectly with three or four fingers that depict birth, life, death and life in the hereafter.

Placement of the Maori tattoo

In its original sense, Maori tattoos, as well as Polynesian tattoos, were stung all over the body. The natives of New Zealand drew the symbols on the upper body, the arms and also on the face. When it comes to martial symbols, they were sometimes only painted. If you want a Maori tattoo from us, the ink is, naturally, of lasting nature. For this reason, you should consider the placement carefully. Especially the upper arms and the upper body are eligible. Large Maori tattoos can be excellently stitched as a sleeve tattoo or combined with one. If you prefer a smaller motif, the shoulder blades and the upper back area are ideal. Just drop by our studio and check out our templates for these meaningful tattoos. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you and decide together how we realize the Maori tattoo of your dreams.